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DMK govt resorts to old sop, free colour TVs

DMK govt resorts to old sop, free colour TVs

Meenakshi MahadevanMeenakshi Mahadevan CNN-IBN 
Posted on Oct 22, 2010 at 10:30 | Updated Oct 22, 2010 at 11:07

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Posted by uthamanarayanan at 02:00 PM, Oct 22, 2010
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An average family which consumes more than 300 units of electricity has to shell out through the nose extra one rupee per unit , but despite the power cuts and no electricity , when you go micro towns scenario worse; TV , my God,children in poor houses don\'t even get power supply for reading basically, but 4000 crores go down the drain which otherwise could have been utilized for purchasing electricity from other sources, whereas wind mill generated power is not being utilized by this state since accumulation of overdue to be paid by windmill owners.Substandard purchase of equipments in the grids add up the problem by way of production loss of the existing capacity to the tune of 40 % and this could be authenticated by any friendly technician who works in the power generation units.The free or one rupee rice thus distributed and as claimed by this party is a source of income by sending out of the state like unaccountable sand quarrying , you can buy this TV given free here for 600 to 1000 rupees in Kerala.So where this money goes is not surprising.Another great tamasha is Insurance scheme, first every one was in the euphoric mood as if entire gamut of health care has been taken care by the Govt, now realised although belatedly with strings attached , so for all the diseases all the time one can not get treatment.Better not talk about the Govt Hospitals, no Docs,no medicines,etc., this amount , partly swindles by way of corruption or commission as informed by Jayalalitha went waste, and this amount of 2000 crores could have been utilized for constructing medical colleges and improving the existing Govt hospitals and the health care could have been in a better way taken care of.Who listens........ ?

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