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My Comments in The Times of India on 16th Nove'10

Karunanidhi's sons, Maran brothers dined lavishly as Raja got boot

uthaman21 (chennai) 6 hrs ago (04:59 AM)
Yes must be happy about being the partners of this Party without share to Kanimozhi.

A Raja's Downfall   Editorial

uthaman21 (chennai)
2 hrs ago (08:27 AM)
Apart from the resignation and the Karunanidhi's whining still supporting Raja and he cleared the way only to conduct the proceedings of the parliament arguments are not palatable to a common Tamilian; the general mood in Tamil Nadu is people feel this party is now operated like a private company by the family members and wherever possible almost in every domain of operation they make money without qualms and the family feels the common man can be bought over by giving free schemes- one thing they forget although people receive everything the general mood is 'at what cost' this being done. The simmering discontent among public is perceptible only to those who approach the mood with apolitical sensitivity.Even when Jayalalitha went hammer and tong on displaying her influence and wealth she did not realize the public mood and she subsequently suffered by her great fall.Always rulers are surrounded by Sancho Panza's who never allow the public perception to reach the rulers and the rulers get carried away by the officers and others party functionaries who surround them and say everything is secure and public as though feel happy about what the rulers say, till the time the fall comes and if the fall comes for the DMK this party will be blown into smithereens is to be noted. Betters the rulers realize this better for them

Sonia not to attend Alagiri's son's wedding, PM's plans not finalised yet

uthaman21 (chennai) 1 hr ago (09:44 AM)
We need not venture too much of politics in everything.Sonia and PM are not ordinary people, whatever said , and they have their engagements. I am neither a Congress or a DMK man .But certain things better not read between the lines and conclude. This is a family celebration and friends will attend, if party people not attending better the tension will be eased.

Tata remark on bribery raises storm

uthaman21 (chennai) 48 mins ago (10:31 AM)
The irony is even Tata could be blackmailed by an ex-Minister.See the funny aspect of how shallow we have become in a democracy.