Saturday, 30 October 2010

Congress compares Rahul with Jayaprakash Narain / The Times of India dt Oct 22

Congress compares Rahul with Jayaprakash Narain

utham (coimbatore) 22 Oct, 2010 12:24 PM
I can perceive the flame of anger in the comments here since this young man Rahul has been compared with Sri.Jayapraksh Narayan, reason being a mole by virtue of its birth in a dynastic family can not by any stretch of imagination be compared with a mountain of Sri.Jayaprakash Narain's standing and the sacrifice and the fighting spirit he has shown for the welfare of this country at the cost of his health .If at all Rahul would like to come to stature of Sri jayaprakshji, let him work hard and prove his mettle, but on the substratum of the euphoric sycophancy .Let him read a lot and think a lot and work a lot before opening his mouth, that would be first step to go up the ladder of leadership qualities, not with the backing of the false slogans and 'paid-up' crowds.

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